Hacking the Perfect Commute with a Move to Dublin

Having made the move from marketing analytics to specialising in machine learning, Jivan is accustomed to adapting quickly to new challenges.

But happily, she describes her move from London to Dublin as a seamless one. Part of the team at The Dock, Accenture’s multidisciplinary research and incubation hub at 7 Hanover Quay, Jivan’s daily commute has dramatically changed.

A Better Quality of Life

“I’ve been here for nine months now. I moved over in October for this job from London,” she explains.

“In London, I used to have a commute of about forty minutes, but now I can walk to work. I live ten minutes away, it’s super convenient, I like that Dublin is much smaller. As a new person coming to the city, it’s easy to get to know the place and feel like home.”

Analysing Trends

Part of the Analytics team at The Dock, Jivan brings a broad perspective to her role. An expert in search analytics from her previous role, she has embraced Machine Learning after completing a Masters in the area.

“My work here is very technical. I love it. I did a Masters in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, it’s exactly the area we look at. I work on predictive models and automation services and processes,” she explains.

“The amount of things you can learn and do with vast amounts of data is incredible, so I really like that,” she adds. “I used to work in marketing analytics, so that was less predictive and more based on Google Analytics around the areas of SEO and search marketing – so this is very different to my former job.”

“Computing power is growing and there are so many companies getting into the data science area, so there is so much interest in it at the moment. And that’s good because the more interest there is in it, the more interesting conversations people can have about it.”

She adds: “I think that it can be applied everywhere. There are so many different use cases and in terms of a job, that makes it very versatile.”

Exploring Dublin

Just one of a host of talented experts hard at work in the Docklands building, Jivan is content with her new base.

She says: “I really like living in Dublin so far, it’s a really fun city and there’s lots to do.”

“There are plenty of bars, pubs and restaurants, so you’re not lost for a thing to do at the weekend or after work.”

“Everyone’s really nice as well, which makes a big difference when you’re moving to a new place.”

“The tube is a nightmare so I’m glad to never take the tube again,” she jokes.

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