Design Engineer, Pasquale, Loves Living in Limerick

Few sports teams can rival the passionate support that Munster Rugby has – just ask Pasquale. Living in Limerick since 2014, the Naples native says: “I didn’t know too much about rugby before I moved here, but I love the atmosphere around matches! We went to watch Munster v Ulster in Thomond Park on a work day out and it was a really exciting game. Munster won in extra time, so it was brilliant.” He laughs: “I still don’t know the rules but I love going to watch the matches whenever Munster play. Everyone is so excited for the game – the city has a brilliant vibe.”

Changing Career Paths

Prompted to consider Limerick as a new base when he applied for a job at On Semiconductor Ireland, Pasquale subsequently joined the team as a Design Engineer. He explains: “My experience and background is in a different field (in electronic engineering). My role there involved checking that everything was up to compliance. Now I work as a Design Engineer with design tools and software.” He adds: “I wanted a change at the time. I looked around for roles that would give me the chance to move into a new direction. This was one of the places that offered me that chance. I came over to interview in July 2014 and started work a month later.” A new challenge for Pasquale, he’s relishing the chance to try out something new. He says: “I really enjoy my role. It’s exactly what I was looking for in terms of the type of job I wanted to take on. The company is really lovely with a great work environment. There’s no competition between people. Everyone works together as a team and helps each other with different tasks.”

Making the Move to Limerick

Along with Pasquale, his English setter dog, Snoopy, also made the move to Ireland. With the duo now happily based in Limerick, he says of the move: “There was a lot involved in moving him over. I had to fill out a lot of paperwork and then get a proper cage to ensure he was okay to move.” But Pasquale says the move over has been a worthwhile one: “He’s a really sociable dog and my girlfriend has a dog as well, so at weekends we bring both of them for walks. My experience has been great so far. I think Limerick is really beautiful, it has amazing architecture and people are really friendly. I think people are a lot more relaxed and helpful than people are at home. And there’s so much to do in Limerick, from concerts to rugby matches.”

People here really enjoy their work and lives. Salaries are higher, so you have the chance to work and save money.

A Better Quality of Life

With no plans to make the move back to Italy, Pasquale is eager to encourage more people to move over. He laughs: “I always tell my friends to move here! I would say to anyone thinking about moving, to definitely come over. The quality of life is way better. People really enjoy their work and lives. Salaries are higher, so you have the chance to work and save money. Everyone speaks English so you don’t have to learn another language as well. And it’s great to improve your English with everyday use. I’m really happy here, I’m not planning to move at all. I really like my work and life here.”

Considering a Move to Ireland?

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