From Poland to Cork: Christopher’s Irish Adventure

Born and raised in Krakow, Poland, Christopher came to Ireland in 2006 out of curiosity – and has lived here ever since. He explains: “I had a few friends living and working in Ireland at the time and they recommended it.”

He quickly found his feet in his new home and recalls being pleasantly surprised to find the weather was much better than he had expected. He laughs: “I’ve been in Ireland so long I’m half Irish now, I was shocked at how quickly I settled in.”

Now working as a Design Director at Smarttech in the city of Cork, Christopher is committed to in-house application development projects utilising Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technologies to complement Penetration Testing activities. He has also helped to establish – The biggest Irish Cyber Security conference which this year will be held in New York and Dublin..

Open and Friendly

One thing he loves about his new home is the people, he notes: “The Irish are open-minded and very friendly, I can honestly say they’ve melted my heart.” Having worked at Smarttech, since he first arrived in Ireland, it helps too that he loves his job. He notes: “I’ve felt at home in Smarttech from the very beginning.”

Fantastic Career Opportunities

The company has given Christopher opportunities to progress his career, while at the same time allowing him to up-skill and develop on a number of different levels. He’s currently working with artificial intelligence and points out that Smarttech were the first company in Europe to have access to it. He explains: “We work with cutting edge, top of the range technology which is really exciting.”

Exciting Tech Scene

Although it’s smaller than Dublin, Christopher says Cork City offers an exciting tech scene with lots of tech meet-ups groups. He notes: “For anyone working in tech, Cork is a really good place to be at the moment. I’ve met very talented and interesting people working in the field of technology here.”

Great Lifestyle

The city also affords him and his family a good lifestyle. He says: “I love the fact that there is not much traffic and I can drive around easily.” Although he came to Ireland on his own, Christopher is now married with two young children. At the weekend they like to get into the car and go for a drive in the countryside. He says: “We often go to Kerry which is beautiful, and sometimes Youghal which has an amazing beach.” The balance between his work life and his owntime is something Christopher loves about his life in Ireland. He explains: “I spend most of my time in front of computers so I like to get out into the countryside and walk a little when I have free time. The Irish countryside is beautiful.”

Thinking of Moving to Ireland?

Christopher’s advice for anyone considering making the move to Ireland is simple. He says: “Don’t hesitate, pack your bags and just come here. You will be amazed at how quickly you will adapt to Irish society, at how friendly the people are and also how quickly you can develop your career with access to the very latest technology. It’s a great country.”
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