The Health Tech Scene in Ireland is Growing – and You Could be a Part of it

Do you work in tech and like the idea of joining a company that would allow you to really make a difference in people’s lives? Fancy moving to a thriving, multicultural city on the island of Ireland? Then join us at our exclusive event and conference in London on the 10th of February: Tech/Life Ireland 404. Ireland is home to a wealth of top tech companies including many in the area of health tech, and their recruiters will be attending this event – ready to tell you everything you need to know about making an exciting start somewhere new and full of opportunity.

One of the companies attending the event will be Nuritas: an organisation founded in Ireland that uses artificial intelligence and DNA analysis to find life-changing bio-active peptides in food. We had a chat with their Head of Strategic Partnership, Neil Foster, to find out more about the ground-breaking work they do and how incredibly rewarding it is for everyone involved.

An Opportunity to Change Lives

Founded in 2014 by mathematician Dr Nora Khaldi, Nuritas is an ambitious company, highly invested in its aim to change lives for the better through the prevention of diseases such as diabetes. Neil says: “The vision of Nuritas is to improve the lives of billions of people worldwide, using modern techniques like computational biology and machine learning. As we age, we are getting sicker and treating certain illnesses is becoming more and more expensive, so looking at prevention is key.” One of their first discoveries is currently going through the trial process, and, if successful, will stop pre-diabetes turning into diabetes.

Collaborative environment

Working for a company that strives to develop such life-changing products makes for a truly inspiring environment, where everyone thoroughly enjoys working together. Neil says: “It’s such a collaborative space. Our teams see their products develop from a small idea into something physical that they can touch and taste. It’s a great feeling. There’s a real sense of purpose, and everybody wants to be involved.”

Vibrant Tech Scene

Nuritas currently employ people from countries across the globe, including France, Algeria, Poland and the UK – Neil himself is from London – and they’re feeling right at home in Dublin’s growing tech community. “Personally, I find the tech scene to be very vibrant here in Dublin,” he says. “It’s incredibly good fun and a truly exciting place to be. There was no loss felt by moving over from London. Although it’s a small country, Ireland is recognised globally for its innovative, growing tech scene. There’s a global understanding that tech companies aren’t just based here, they’re originating here too – ourselves being a great example.”

The Future is Bright

Nuritas currently employ 32 people but they are planning to more than double that by the end of the year. Neil says: “We have lots of roles to fill including those for bioinformaticians, data scientists, data engineers, machine learning experts and many others.” With the progress of this company showing no signs of slowing down, what are Neil’s thoughts on the future of the Irish tech industry? “For starters, health tech is certainly pushing ahead as an area,” he says. “Considering how innovative and diverse the Irish tech scene is at the moment, I have no doubt that it is firmly here to stay.”

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