Ireland’s Vibrant Tech Meetup Scene

Making the move to Ireland could be a great career decision, but the tech scene here isn’t just about fantastic jobs and industry-leading companies – we’re also home to a thriving tech meetup culture. And if there’s a specific corner of the tech world that you have a particular interest in, there’s probably already a meetup dedicated to it. Ireland’s tech meetup scene is a place to learn, grow, and develop your career, but it’s also a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and it’s an ideal way to get to know a new country. Read on to find out more about Ireland’s unique and vibrant tech meetup scene.

The Dublin Tech Meetup Scene

As the capital city of Ireland, Dublin is home to the largest number of meetups, and genuinely boasts a group for almost any tech discipline you could name. If you’re a coder (or are interested in learning more about programming) there is a diverse array of language-specific groups with events for Python, Node.js, ReasonML, TypeScript and many more.

Curious about crypto? There’s a general Blockchain for Finance group as well as one dedicated to development for the Ethereum and Solidity ecosystem. Fascinated by the future of artificial intelligence? Then the Dublin Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning meetup is your source for all the latest news in the sector as well as talks from industry leaders and influencers. As well as the above, there are also less specialised but equally rewarding groups like Tech for Good – who aim to harness the power of technology to bring about positive social change.

All Across Ireland

Dublin may make most of the headlines, but that doesn’t mean the meetup scene isn’t thriving elsewhere on the island. The west coast city of Galway has long been a haven for cultural communities of all kinds – and the tech scene is no different. One of the largest meetups is the Galway Developers Group, which promises regular workshops, competitions and networking events, and boasts over 500 members. Smaller, but no less interesting, groups include Analytics at Speed, which is dedicated to kdb+ and its programming language q; Write the Docs, which aims to teach people about documentation on GitHub; and Women in Technology Galway, which brings together female tech professionals from across the city.

Further down the country, in the southern ‘capital’ of Cork, there’s an equally diverse and interesting array of meetups. Cork AI offers regular hands-on workshops, as well as talks from some of the finest minds in the business – recent speakers, have included Richard Rodger, founder and CEO of, and Alison O’Shea of INFANT centre, UCC explaining how she uses deep learning to analyse the brainwaves of infants. Elsewhere, Cork VR is a must for developers working in the VR or AR space – or just anyone with a passion for the exciting possibilities for these game-changing technologies – and Core Software Crafters aims to raise the bar for software development with a commitment to learning by doing.

Want to Find a Meetup Near you?

If we’ve piqued your interest in Ireland’s tech meetup scene, visit our regularly updated events page to find one (or two or three) that’s perfect for you.