Radoslaw’s Move from Poland to Work in Irish Tech

When Robotics Technician Radoslaw moved from Poland to Ireland to work in Irish tech back in 2010, he was struck by one thing. “I was amazed by the kindness of the Irish people,” he recalls. Though he initially came over for an interview and to suss out Ireland’s suitability for his career, nine years later he’s still here, working for precision automation company DesignPro Automation. The company’s based in the beautiful county of Limerick, where Radoslaw lives with his family.

The Robots are Coming

DesignPro Automation is a leading provider of precision automation and machine build services, with a stellar reputation for providing solutions to some of the world’s largest multinationals. Radoslaw’s role as Robotics Technician gives him the chance to work on lots of exciting projects. His favourite to-date?  “One project involved a robot working with 4 lines of assembling stations”, he recalls. “We got it going in a very short period of time – what was most exciting about it was that it didn’t give me much trouble!”

Building Skills

Working for DesignPro Automation has given Radoslaw opportunities in Irish tech to build on his skills. As he explains, “My current company sent me for robot programming training – something I still benefit from.” Knowledge sharing with his team is also invaluable; “I enjoy working with other engineers from my field (automation), because I can get real hands-on experience.”

Ireland has a strong reputation in the area of Robotics and AI, which is something that Radoslaw can attest to. “There are a lot of opportunities for my field of work. The world (and Ireland too), is moving more and more towards automated manufacturing processes, and robots are playing a huge part in that.”

Life in Ireland

Located in the mid-west region of Ireland, Limerick is Ireland’s third largest city, with a population of almost 200,000. Radoslaw lives outside the city and enjoys the region’s relaxed pace of life. “I live in a small village and I like its slowness. Nobody’s in a rush,” he notes. “My favourite things about living here are the ease of life, and people’s kindness.” The location is perfect for exploring in his downtime. “I like sightseeing and riding my motorbike.”

Family Friendly Location

Radoslaw chose to get things settled in Ireland before flying his young family over to join him. When they made the move, they found the transition quite seamless.  “At that time my eldest son was one-and-a-half, so he didn’t experience too much of a shock,” he explains.

“We gradually exposed him to the English language by attending the local community centre toddlers group, and sending him to playschool when he was 3. Luckily he enjoyed every single day in there. Now he’s in 3rd class and has no problem in education.”

For other families with small children thinking of moving to Ireland, Radoslaw advises, “You don’t have to be afraid of anything with regards to problems transitioning to Irish life. Children pick things up really fast in every aspect.” He’s found the school system to be supportive of children with additional needs too, “They can get extra classes for subjects like English,” he says.

Planning on Moving to Ireland?

Home to 8 of the top 10 Global Software companies, 9 of the top 10 US technology companies and the top 3 Global Enterprise Software companies, the Irish tech scene is a great place to grow your tech career. As Radoslaw notes, “This is the land of opportunities, with easy access to technical universities and a skilled workforce.” Find out more about Irish tech here