Take the Next Step in your Tech Career in Dublin

Harnessing the power of data is an expert area in the tech industry – and just one of the in-demand skills currently sought after by tech companies across the globe. So if you’re considering the next move in your own tech career, read on to see what brand-new data from Indeed, the #1 job site worldwide with over 200 million unique visitors per month, reveals about the tech industry here in Ireland.

Tech Skills are in Demand

With the world of technology constantly evolving, it comes as no surprise to learn that tech experts can find a slew of interesting challenges to tackle across the Irish tech industry. In fact, data from Indeed reveals that a staggering 1 in 10 roles posted in Ireland over the last 6 months of 2017 were tech software roles.

Insightful data, it’s good news for anyone on the hunt for their next move – and a location that promises a great quality of life. And not only are tech skills in demand, the industry is also on the look-out for skilled employees with a second language. Amongst the languages in demand, the data shared by Indeed reveals that German and French are the most sought after currently over the last year, at 45.35% and 32.08% respectively.

A Diverse Tech Industry

Home to a host of innovative tech companies across the country, cloud technology, cyber-security and the evolution of deep learning are some of the tech trends that are currently making waves in Ireland. And the trends are reflected in the data, as Indeed has also revealed the most in-demand roles in Irish tech. Gathered from the company’s exclusive insight into jobs posted for roles across Ireland, the data reveals that the highly-skilled position of Cloud Engineer has seen the biggest increase in job postings over the past year with an impressive 151% increase.

Next up, Reliability Engineer takes second place as the most increased job posted with an 89% increase – followed closely by Junior Software Engineer in third place and Software Test Engineer in fourth place with a 66% increase in postings. A diverse range of roles, other in-demand jobs include roles for Product Owners, Programmers and Software Engineers.

Innovative Thinking

Along with the top posted roles, the Irish tech scene offers access to cutting-edge innovation. And it’s not all based in the office, with a range of regular meet-up groups held across the country weekly, with experts coming together to share learnings on topics from Python to the next steps in cryptocurrency. A chance to learn – and network in relaxed surroundings – check out some weekly meet-ups on our event page.

Or if conferences and access to global expertise sounds appealing, check out the globally renowned Node Conference. Held annually in Kilkenny, the conference sees experts from across the country and globe come together to discuss the next steps in the evolution of Node technology.

Check out Indeed Prime

For anyone searching for their next move in the Irish tech sector, Indeed Prime has launched to offer a bespoke platform to address the increased need for technical talent across the industry here in Ireland. Announced last June, Indeed Prime is currently available in Dublin, London and a number of US cities.

Want to Learn More?

Get an update on tech roles available in Ireland at next month’s Tech/Life Ireland | 404 conference in London on February 10th. Kicking off in Skills Matter | CodeNode, Shoreditch, you can get your free ticket to the event at the above link.