Software Developer, Juby, on Tech Talent in Dublin

An integral part of the team at Celtrino, Juby and his family made the move to Ireland in 2006. Originally from Kerala in India, the family of four are now based in Swords in Dublin. “My wife got a job in Ireland in 2006 and we decided to move here as a family. She’s a nurse and was offered a really good opportunity, so it was an easy decision to make,” he explains. “I had a friend who worked in IT here and we got in touch with him when we moved. We originally thought we would work here for some time and then move to the US, but I started in Celtrino and have been here for nearly ten years now.”

Working with Celtrino

Originally appointed as a software developer, Juby now manages a team of people in his role as Service Operations Manager in the Dublin-based company, which provides business process and supply chain document automation solutions. An exciting role, Juby says: “Here in Celtrino, I work with people from around the world, so it’s a really diverse workplace. It’s an e-commerce company so I manage a team across different products and platforms. I worked as a developer in India, so it’s a similar role but there are much better workplace conditions here and wages are higher.”

What to Expect in the Irish Tech Industry

With a wealth of tech-focused companies based in Ireland, Juby is excited for the opportunities available. “A lot of big companies have their European headquarters here, so you have people from all over the world working in Ireland and a lot of interesting projects and work going on. My advice to tech professionals coming to Ireland is to make sure to have any necessary qualifications completed before you come. There are a lot of jobs, so there is an opportunity to move into a new role every 2-3 years and then command a higher salary,” he says. “With companies like Microsoft and other international companies here, you can also easily up-skill and continue to train when you’re in Ireland.”

My son plays in the local GAA club. I’m more of a cricket fan but I help him to train.

A Sense of Community

Based in Swords with his family, Juby is happy to call Ireland home now. He explains: “When we first came here, one of the first things we noticed was that Irish people are really lovely and friendly, both at work and in the local community. Initially when we moved, my wife’s employers found us a house and about 2-3 years ago, we moved into our own home in Swords. It’s a very open culture but it’s clear there are a lot of family values still here, which is great.” With two young children, the couple make the most of their coastal base in their downtime – in rain and fair weather! Juby explains: “The climate here really suits us. The temperature is usually around 10 degrees Celsius and some rain, whereas in Kerala it might be around 20 degrees Celsius with rain for a month or two.”

Juby, service operations manager, on the streets of Dublin

“My son and daughter go to school here and we go to India for one month every year, so they get both cultures. We speak Indian at home, so they can communicate with their grandparents when we go to Kerala.” Juby adds: “Here, my son plays in the local GAA and football club. I’m more of a cricket fan but I help him to train. In India, cricket is the biggest sport and we have a really good team. There’s a Swords Cricket Club here and when I can, I play badminton as well.”

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